Ad Swapper

Ad Swapper allows web sites to swap ads with each other – at ultra-low cost.  Just USD 29.99 gives you one year’s unlimited advertising.  In addition, Ad Swapper ads are highly targeted (in that YOU select the other Ad Swapper sites that your ads are displayed on – ie; those that your target customers/readers visit).  For more details (and a FREE test drive / trial), click here.

This is a test page/site to see if Ad Swapper can be used with wordpress.com sites.

To Use Ad Swapper with WordPress.Com Sites, You Must Export The Site To A “Self-Hosted” WordPress Site First

Sadly, neither the FREE wordpress.com account, nor the Premium and Business accounts, appear to support Ad Swapper.  See Why Can’t I Use Ad Swapper With My WordPress.Com Site ? for the details.

So if you want to promote your wordpress.com site with Ad Swapper, you must export that site to a self-hosted WordPress site first.

Fortunately, transfering your wordpress.com site to a self-hosted WordPress site is (usually) quite easy to do.  See How To Transfer Your WordPress.Com Site To A Self-Hosted WordPress Site for details.

Please VOTE! — If You’d Like Ad Swapper To Be Made Directly Available on WordPress.Com

If you’d like to use Ad Swapper with your WordPress.Com site — without having to export the site to a “self-hosted” WordPress site first — then please vote for this here.

The more people that express an interest in this feature, the higher the priority we can give it.

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